Nursery Sessions

Nursery Sessions

Little Footy Stars is also able to come into your nursery school. With us specialising in early years education & sport, we guide and foster a creative learning environment for children of all ages and abilities.

Each session starts with an Energetic Warmup Consisting of Fun Role-play, Active Movements, Balance and Coordination.

The next part of the session is designed to improve the children’s memory, numeracy and literacy skills by going through our numbers and colours cards, with children being able to remember numbers as big as 100!

Each session is based on a different topic which is designed to improve a wide range of different attributes for each child. These attributes include; running, throwing, catching, chasing and kicking. As well as working in groups, sharing and sportsmanship.

Each session is designed with the “fun factor” being an sensual ingredient, We believe that for children to have an appreciation of physical activity they must have a fun and positive experience.

Birthday Parties

Little Footy Stars would love to host your child's fun-filled birthday party to make their special day, a day to remember.

CALL US ON 07787 857 044 to see how we can make your child's day special