Shooting Stars

5 years – 6 years ⭐️ Shooting Stars

With a much greater emphasis being put on dribbling skills, accuracy in passing and shooting combined with attacking and defending exercises to give each child a true concept of the beautiful game.

our imaginative games and activities see children in a world of their own as they fight monsters, invade King Richards castle all learn to care for others while playing doctor doctor! All of this while learning the fundamentals of teamwork as well as introducing defending, attacking and the goalkeeper so that children can decide what their preferred positions are.

This is the age where children start to figure out who their favourite teams are, recognising that there are different clubs and countries and they all wear different team colours. Through the introduction of bibs and team games, we are able to give our children a better sense of teamwork, team-building and sportsmanship.

Having the confidence and ability to participate in team games as well as think as an individual to bond with team members is another aspect we focus on at Little Footy Stars. This also includes listening to instructions from our coaches which gives all of our stars a helping hand when they go to school and throughout their sporting lives.

Birthday Parties

Little Footy Stars would love to host your child's fun-filled birthday party to make their special day, a day to remember.

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