Little Stars

3 years – 4 years ⭐️ Little Stars

After your child’s 3rd birthday they are welcome to now join our Little Stars football class.

With a slightly bigger sized football we encourage children to explore their own ability through our structured games and imaginative play. Using role-play to create a different world for your child which helps flourish attributes without them even knowing.

Little stars will focus on individual ball skills, giving each child the maximum amount of time to develop their sporting ability. Playing games where children will be dribbling the ball, running with the ball, passing the ball and shooting the ball at the target. As well as, interacting with other children, taking turns and sharing as we look to build on their social skills. We also encourage our little stars to use their voices as much as possible, communicating with the coaches and their friends in a kind and loving manner. 

Birthday Parties

Little Footy Stars would love to host your child's fun-filled birthday party to make their special day, a day to remember.

CALL US ON 07787 857 044 to see how we can make your child's day special